ImageLeaning my head on your crib side at night,
listening to you breathe,
I drown in admiration for you.
One minute, a smile that beams of sunlight,
the next, a frown I know cannot be real,
and a cry,
for more attention than you're currently getting
Or another bottle, after you've just had one,
and refused the last little bit.
Splashing your little legs in the bathwater at night
And an open mouth promising sounds of delight
But nothing comes out,
much to your dismay.
Not mine, though, I hear you loud and clear.
Warm snuggles as you find the perfect resting place
On me, anywhere,
you drift off to sleep.
Until we lay you in your crib,
then it's cries again.
Those fat cheeks have me chained down
and I don't want to be released.
I love you even when you're screaming.
The loud shrill noises, to me,
Sound better than anyone else talking.
And when you hold my finger with your hand
I am very taken
I've never met anyone like you before
And I know I never will again.
you're my little baby
my Garden of Eden
or, Paradise.

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