I don’t have a whole hell of alot going through my head at the current time. I suppose I’ve built up a tolerance to coffee. I was blasted last night for ‘hating’ on people. If someone does something I don’t like, or disagree with, I will bitch and moan about them with udder disgust. I have been a negative person for as long as I can remember, well, since I was 16-ish, and in the last few years have been progressively worse.

I have really been trying to come out of this negative mindset slump for some time now, with much success. But oftentimes I find myself slowing going back down that road. Why do I hate on people? These people that I hate on (usually) don’t even affect me in any way! Thanks to facebook, and the ability to creep on people that you never even see or talk to, I do. I creep alot, silently following people during my days at work. Sitting in front of the computer with other things to do, but I’d prefer to creep. I guess it’s all about comparison. And most people only highlight themselves on facebook, so if I were to compare myself to someone else on there, I would be using everything I know about myself, against the highs of someone else’s timeline. That’s just not fair to me, unless the other person is really boring and sucks at life.

Then there are those that put their ENTIRE lives on facebook. Everybody knows somebody like that. I have unsubscribed to the updates of these people, as they annoy the hell out of me. It also annoys me when girls that are gorgeous with perfect figures post a million pictures of themselves in a bathing suit on the beach every summer. It’s like they are screaming for attention. There’s no need for that. You can be beautiful and have a perfect figure and NOT show it off. Just look in the mirror and feel good about yourself as opposed to waiting on lonely horny old guys to tell you how sexy you are. Seriously. Teenage girls are the absolute WORST! Millions of pictures of them in bathroom mirrors making god awful faces, and terrible fake smiles. What are they trying to gain here? Do they not believe they are beautiful already? Do they really need people to ‘like’ their photos? Someone shoot me, please. Btw, I have unsubscribed from everyone I’m friends with that have violated these things that I am complaining about.

Back when I was a teenage girl, the internet was just beginning to become popular. I spent my afternoons (that I wasn’t at work, because I had a job from the time I turned 16) on AOL Instant messenger, and pirating music from Napster. If you wanted a ‘look’ inside someone else’s world you had to click on their ‘Info,’ or chat with them. Society today is just so different than even ten years ago. Ten years ago there was such a thing as privacy. All of everyone’s personal information was not on social media sites, and I’m convinced that the smart ones in today’s age are still the ones without the social media. If you ever do anything wrong, and you have a smart phone, you’ll be tracked.

You have those people that constantly complain of pain. This hurts, I’m going to this doctor, wish me luck. That hurts, I’m going to that doctor, pray for me. Again, I’ve unsubscribed. As far as I’m concerned though, if you have a problem with something in your life, with ANYTHING that you have control over, and you’re not doing EVERYTHING you can to overcome the problem, then you have no right to complain.

Pain/medical problems do not randomly select people and haunt them. We are the cause of our own medical ailments, in the WAY WE EAT. Eating right/organic is a different blog all together, but seriously. Don’t go to the doctor with every pain and take a medicine, right after you get a Quarter Pounder from McDonalds, french fries, and a soda, then complain to the world about your medical problem. DO NOT. You don’t have the right.

Don’t eat your ‘Wheaties’ of a morning, which are infested with Genetically-Modified ingredients and artificial sweeteners/preservatives, along with Anti-biotic laden pasteurized milk, and say you eat right and don’t know why your stomach hurts. Spare the world, and educate your damn self on what eating right REALLY means. It’s not about eating an apple a day. It’s a lifestyle change. Changing the way you think about all food. THAT’s the way to become healthy. By giving your body the nutrients it needs from every little bite of food you put in your mouth. Your body has the ability to heal itself of everything that could go wrong, but if you’re putting the wrong fuel in it, it won’t do shit for you. Haha, literally, it won’t shit for you (I say this because many months ago when I switched to an organic/all natural diet, I starting shitting after about every meal. Truly healthy food has a way of cleaning your system out, and keeping it that way)

Anyhow, back to the subject….people annoy me. I am sure I annoy them. But I do not have to put up with them. I only have to put up with myself. I guess that’s one amazing thing about facebook. People go longer without seeing each other in the real dimension because you see each other in the electronic dimension every day, and are satisfied longer without their presence. Thank you facebook, for making my life easier by appeasing people that annoy me with my pictures and my statuses, so I don’t have to see them as often. And no, I don’t believe I will be going to my high school reunion. I didn’t like hardly anybody I went to school with then, and I sure as hell won’t like them now. Why waste the sixty bucks?


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