think before you wear

feminism is stupid.

I’m not going to restrict myself to the boundaries of any stereotypical classification.

I am a woman. I have some feminist opinions, and some that one could call chauvinist.

Like several other women, I despise being objectified.

But unlike this feminism movement, where ‘Women can dress however they like, and it’s none of your business’ or ‘you gawking or cat-calling a scantily clad woman is your error, and not hers’; I think the way a women chooses to cover herself has shit tons to do with whether she is shamed, objectified, stared at, or what have you.

If you dress in a low cut shirt that shows a substantial amount of cleavage, a crop top that shows your perfectly toned stomach, or a skirt that your butt cheeks are visible in; you are screaming to be objectified.

When you dress yourself, and look in the mirror to give the ‘final OK,’ and your main thought is “Would you fuck me? Because I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me hard”; well what the hell do you think every person that encounters you for the rest of the day will be thinking? It’s not their fault that they have sexual thoughts about you. It’s yours. You don’t go to a strip club and rehash last night’s CSPAN conversation topics in your head do you? You are showing too much of your body and leaving nothing to the imagination. You are inviting everyone with the ability to look at you to fuck you in their minds.

We live in a society where it really is fair game to wear whatever you want. But just about every outfit you wear comes with its own set of consequences.

If you dress sexy, you will be sexualized. If you dress like a librarian, or like a member of the Duggar family, chances are people are not going to think sick thoughts about you in their mind.

You may not like dressing conservatively, but if you dislike others undressing you with their eyes, you have to decide which you dislike more: Turtlenecks and mom jeans, or slimy creeps burning laser beam glances all over your ass and tits.

Personally, I dislike slimy creeps more, so you will rarely find me wearing attire that I can be objectified in.

It’s a simple concept really.

It just requires a brain. And the ability to reason.

If you’re fishing in the sea for a potential mate, and you dress like you are slobbering between your thighs, well the target audience will be reduced to those with small minds that probably will use you for one thing and throw you out like yesterdays sale papers. If you want to attract a respectable person that will appreciate all of your attributes, have some class and put on some damn clothes.

If you are one of these types of women that enjoy being objectified, and your self worth is wrapped up in your fuckability, then go ahead and knock yourself out, Sister! You are a much more likely target of a rape crime. Congratulations. Go preach your “free the nipple” (but don’t you dare stare!) bullshit elsewhere, because I am not buying it.


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4 responses to “think before you wear

  • Miss Meliss

    This is well written, I agree, for the most part. I don’t have any feminist opinions but I have opinions about feminists. I typically dress as I want to be perceived for the occasion and I expect people to view me, exactly as I view myself. Thanks for sharing!

  • azzyterror1

    This just emphasizes the problem in the way society thinks and has taught us to think. As a woman i shouldn’t have to dress conservatively for you to respect me, for you to respect my body; also on a basic level it is true that women wearing short skirts and crop tops are targeted for showing some skin, but then this idea does not account for a large number of statistics and a large number of issues associated with rape culture.

    I mean if the issue is the way I dress, then what happens in instances of corrective rape? what happens in the instance of creative minds and people stereotyped as “hippies” or “eccentric”? basically you are reducing a lot of rape culture down to the way people dress and worse still, you as a woman are perpetuating that idea. If we use your reasoning: the idea that by dressing as a libriarian you have less chance of getting raped then basically all you are saying is that a woman dressed like a “lesbian” deserved to be correctively-raped for looking like a stereotype, a woman who dresses like a “hippie” or looks “eccentric” with purple hair and wild clothing should be raped cause she doesn’t fit society’s criteria for what’s considered “normal”.

    if we also continue to use this basic reasoning and justification we also disregard the high number of women who have been raped by people they know. women of all kinds, both women who dress like librarians and women who dress like they are “slobbering between the thighs”.

    again with that reasoning if we all just look at the dress you are wearing in your pro pic, you then would make the ideal candidate for a rape victim. which i certainly don’t think is the case. No one deserves to be looked at by wondering eyes. no one deserves to be a victim of rape culture at any point in time for any reason. We shouldn’t have to explain ourselves or hide ourselves in order to feel safe in our everyday living, this is actually highly upsetting. you would not like it if someone told you to put on a jacket or wear stockings because u showing too much skin.

    fuck the feminist movement, its common sense. If the way you dress makes you a rape target or the victim of slimy creeps eyes then basically you are saying that everyone who goes to the beach in bikinis, speedos and even board-shorts should god-forbid get raped cause they showing too much skin.

    Think about the people closest to you, basically u saying that if you, your ma, or your sisters (if you have any), or your daughter/s (if you have any) should have covered up if they didn’t wanna get stared at by slimy creeps or raped?

    You’re basically saying you are glad to let all the rapists (both men and women that rape women) justify why they were not able to respect another human being, you are also letting the large majority of men and women who objectify womens bodies (by staring and undressing them in their minds) get away with their wrongs. worse still you also dont make room for positive or healthy or “normal” levels of objectification because the truth of the matter is it does not matter how someone dresses, sometimes u can see someone’s gorgeous body through their librarian outfit equally someone dressed in a crop top and mini skirt might have zero sex appeal to you regardless of the situation.

  • matt

    This is an eloquently stated case for personal responsibility, something that’s been absent in our society for far too long. Well said. And thank you.

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