Yard Sale



Yard Sale

Trinkets for a dollar,

Crystal plates for two dollars.

Only took a lifetime of acquiring,

to end up with this vast collection.

Frames for a dollar,

Glassware for two dollars.

Every single thing was hand selected with love,

And bought with hard earned money.

Towels for a dollar,

Sheet sets for two dollars.

This ceramic dog with the broken leg used my Grandmother’s favorite,

and she adored this vintage pocket mirror.

Bake ware for a dollar,

Pots and pans for two dollars.

Some of the best meals you could ever imagine,

Were cooked from scratch in these dishes.

Costume Jewelry for a dollar,

Sterling silver rings for two dollars.

She went to church looking classy,

Three times a week in this cheap jewelry.

Worn shoes for five dollars,

New shoes for ten dollars.

Many of the new shoes still have the tags and the box,

She did have quite the shoe addiction.

Used dresses for five dollars,

New dresses for ten dollars.

These dresses sell for over a hundred dollars at the mall,

And even the used ones she probably only wore twice ever.

Blood pressure monitor for five dollars,

An elderly shower seat for ten dollars.

We see you rolling your eyes at the price tag.

A lifetime of vitality ended in withering weakness.

Box of Liquid thickener for five dollars,

Canes and Walkers for ten dollars,

This stuff may look like worthless junk to you,

But it’s all we have left on earth of our beloved Grandmother.

It’s at least worth a dollar,

And You want to pay a quarter.


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