I am a Cancer sun sign, with a moon in Aries, and an ascendant in Capricorn. I experience moods so deeply that when I’m not on a elated high horse of happiness, a bloodthirsty rage ready to strike the next person to interact with me, or a “somebody-killed-my-dog” sadness, I feel nothing. But the times that I don’t feel one of those extremes are pretty rare. It’s putting on the ‘normal, everyday mundane persona masking those intense emotions,’ that I’ve worked hard to achieve that is slowly decomposing me mentally. I prefer being at home mostly, where I’m free to express myself without feeling inhibited by normalcy. One very talented Global Hair Designer that was my mentor gave me the title of “Deconstructed Elegance.”

I’ve written poems for most of my life, and one of these days, I’ll have dug through every slip of paper I’ve ever written on and post them here, or maybe not because they are extremely personal. Perhaps someday.


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