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think before you wear

feminism is stupid.

I’m not going to restrict myself to the boundaries of any stereotypical classification.

I am a woman. I have some feminist opinions, and some that one could call chauvinist.

Like several other women, I despise being objectified.

But unlike this feminism movement, where ‘Women can dress however they like, and it’s none of your business’ or ‘you gawking or cat-calling a scantily clad woman is your error, and not hers’; I think the way a women chooses to cover herself has shit tons to do with whether she is shamed, objectified, stared at, or what have you.

If you dress in a low cut shirt that shows a substantial amount of cleavage, a crop top that shows your perfectly toned stomach, or a skirt that your butt cheeks are visible in; you are screaming to be objectified.

When you dress yourself, and look in the mirror to give the ‘final OK,’ and your main thought is “Would you fuck me? Because I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me hard”; well what the hell do you think every person that encounters you for the rest of the day will be thinking? It’s not their fault that they have sexual thoughts about you. It’s yours. You don’t go to a strip club and rehash last night’s CSPAN conversation topics in your head do you? You are showing too much of your body and leaving nothing to the imagination. You are inviting everyone with the ability to look at you to fuck you in their minds.

We live in a society where it really is fair game to wear whatever you want. But just about every outfit you wear comes with its own set of consequences.

If you dress sexy, you will be sexualized. If you dress like a librarian, or like a member of the Duggar family, chances are people are not going to think sick thoughts about you in their mind.

You may not like dressing conservatively, but if you dislike others undressing you with their eyes, you have to decide which you dislike more: Turtlenecks and mom jeans, or slimy creeps burning laser beam glances all over your ass and tits.

Personally, I dislike slimy creeps more, so you will rarely find me wearing attire that I can be objectified in.

It’s a simple concept really.

It just requires a brain. And the ability to reason.

If you’re fishing in the sea for a potential mate, and you dress like you are slobbering between your thighs, well the target audience will be reduced to those with small minds that probably will use you for one thing and throw you out like yesterdays sale papers. If you want to attract a respectable person that will appreciate all of your attributes, have some class and put on some damn clothes.

If you are one of these types of women that enjoy being objectified, and your self worth is wrapped up in your fuckability, then go ahead and knock yourself out, Sister! You are a much more likely target of a rape crime. Congratulations. Go preach your “free the nipple” (but don’t you dare stare!) bullshit elsewhere, because I am not buying it.